A Web T Cards Kanban system is an online visual tool, which allows teams to collaborate and manage tasks remotely.

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Control your workflow using Online Kanban Boards

Mirror your business processes with simple to use Kanban Online Boards
Highly customisable Electronic Kanban Cards keep control of every stage of your sales, production or process cycle

WebTCards online Kanban system is the most efficient tool for improving team productivity

"WebTCards delivers real and measurable benefits"

If you are responsible for the workflow within your organisation, we promise that WebTCards will help you to, save time, avoid miscommunications and late deliveries, make your organisation more agile, efficient and profitable.

WebTCards online Kanban system will transform your business, putting you back in control.

WebTCards Kanban Cards are a core element of each Kanban Board, every Card represents a task that needs to be executed
Kanban charts deliver a fast view into the amount of work in progress, drilldown Cards to balance work across teams

WebTCards changes lives!

WebTCards is a simple solution to project management in any organisation built around multiple products or processes, ongoing jobs and sales or maintenance teams.

To see how we’ve helped our clients to achieve the success they deserve, see some short case studies.

So don’t miss deadlines, improve your cost-effectiveness and become a leaner, fitter organisation, at the press of a button.

How does it work?

With a simple sign-up, you could replace cumbersome spreadsheets or wall-mounted boards with WebTCards almost immediately, and gain a real competitive advantage:

Assign a card to every job, task or project, Customise the fields to suit your requirements, Monitor the progress of every job, Visible on a single screen, Quickly identify bottlenecks and capacity levels, Set deadline alerts using colour coding, Produce sales and other performance reports, Viewable from PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones, Full telephone and email support.

Web TCardsOnline, simplicity and clarity for easy visual planning, make your life + business 10x easier

What our Clients says

  • Improving homes near you for over 35 years

    Kanban Online gives us visibility of all our jobs, from an order initially being processed, through to status updates on the factory floor. Its power is in giving us a bird’s eye view of all the jobs going through our business. The system is very flexible, with endless options to suit our needs.

  • A premier chemical company

    The improvements you have implemented to TCardsOnline are incredible. Well done for having a great product. You have helped us change day to day planning, this has gained us process improvements. I don't believe there's anyone out there to match your level of commitment to help the end user.

  • Top performance & innovation in systems

    Web T-Cards Online Keeping our service work organized and customers informed!

  • k3 believe in making technology relevant for retail, manufacturing and distribution customers

    Tracking the activity of my sales team and their combined pipeline has suddenly become quicker, simpler and more visible to me with Kanban Online - and all within a fraction of the time it would normally take me to sift through countless CRM reports and spreadsheets.

  • Avellana Visual Consulting - working with Clients to apply Lean Innovation methods

    In the last year or so we have had great success in implementing WebTCards in areas such as Regulatory Affairs, R&D and QC labs in large pharma companies.

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